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SOCIAL MEDIA. The Internet's popularity contest.

SOCIAL MEDIA. The Internet's popularity contest.

And you thought the torturous need to be popular was over on high school graduation day. Think again.  

We know it’s not always easy to stay on top of your internet face game, so we've put together some tips and tricks to help you increase your Instagram following.

  1. Who am I??

    Put your existential crisis on pause. Followers want a clear idea of what you represent. Choose 5 themes to showcase on your feed such as where you work, your pet, the city you live in, your hobby, and of course, your selfies ;) 

  2.  Post every day.

    Accounts with regular content are the most followed. That doesn't mean every post has to be picture perfect but the more you post, the easier it'll come to you. If you're not posting every day, try 5 times a week and slowly build up to every day.

  3. Hashtags

    Hashtags are like after thoughts that capture the mood of your image. We recommend hitting up the popular ones to increase likes, but throw in your own unique hashtag to keep it real. General rule of thumb: no more than 5 hashtags. #stayclassy

  4. Do unto others...

    f you see something you like, say something! Commenting and liking other users' posts is a great way to gain followers, as they are more likely to like your posts in return. 

  5. Tag, you're it.

    Posts that include another handle as a tag or in the caption gain 56% more engagement.

  6. Video

    Variety is the spice of life, so mix it up and give them a bit of live action!  

  7. IG stories.

    You can give people a real glimpse into the best parts of your day with IG stories. These addictive little snippets are easy to watch; get creative with them. Announce your new website or a new artistic collaboration in a 10 second IG story.

  8. Ask a question.

    Captions with Q's like, "Who wore it better?", under a photo of a dog in a red sweater vs you in a red sweater cause an instant impulse to respond.   

  9. Location, location, location.

    Add a geotag to your photos. Posts with an added location receive 79% more engagement

  10. It's Post O'Clock.

    Posting at the right time can help you get more likes and more followers. Every day is a little different, so click here to see what the best time is for each day of the week.  

  11. Scheduling.

    If you know you're going to be busy at prime posting time and don't want to pull yourself away from the party to share a photo, we recommend post schedulers like Hootsuite or Buffer that will do it for you! 

  12.  Overlay your photos with text.

    Try out the app Over which lets you add text to your images and show your sense of humor. 

  13. Embed your photos into your blog.

    Find your post via, click the menu button (three horizontal dots) and select the Embed option. The code that appears can be pasted into your blog to showcase your IG picture. You can also embed images from other Instagram streams as well.

Now go get your likes on.